In the Darkest Night

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In the Darkest Night

Light Warriors, Book 4

The main character In the Darkest Night is Farran. She's a Tàireil. Farran was sent to this dimension by her father to steal a dracona. Farran befriended Shona (who had the dracona) and ended up betraying her father and thwarting his evil plans.
Now Farran is stuck in this world trying to avoid  the Tàireils and Gineals...
Then she gets targeted by a demon.  Poor girl just can't catch a break. She goes to Shona for help but comes across Kel.
A year ago Kel had been captured and tortured. He's aklright physically now but in his head he is seriously messed up. Farran shows up on his doorstep and he decides to protect- as an added bonus he discovers she can give him peace of mind by stopping the nightmares. 
The world Patti O'Shea built and all the types of people in it are rich, complex and well created.
However I didn't connect with Farran. Her self pity and weakness were initially  overdone. Within the first few pages her weaknesses and shortcomings were so overexploited I was like "come on, I get it she thinks she is weak and pathetic, let's move on" The hero, Kel helps her get past this and helps her build self confidence which is good- but the undertones of "I need a man to make me see my worth" really prickled  my feminist sensibilities. Even if Kel has his own problems to get over- which she in turn helps him with.
The two characters really were good for each other balancing each other's strengths and weaknesses perfectly- and when it came to fighting the bad guys, well they did that too and kept each other safe.
I was expecting this to be a paranormal romance or urban fantasy romance but it is really more of a magical fantasy romance. This was a little disappointing to me because of the book  style- but that's my fault and personal preference no fault of the book or author. It was just very different than what I am used to reading. But it was something new to me which was kinda refreshing
I have not previously read any books in this series or even by this author. I might give some of her other books a try.

Book Blurb for In the Darkest Night

Fleeing from both her dark heritage and the magical council she attempted to steal from, Farran’s greatest fear is to be sent back to the father she has utterly betrayed. Yet when a demon attempts to capture her, Farran knows she cannot stay hidden.  She must find help.

Kel Andrews is a magical troubleshooter with troubles of his own. Recovering from being kidnapped and tortured by darksiders, Kel has been removed from active duty by the magical council. When the mysterious Farran collapses on his doorstep, begging for help, Kel feels compelled to assist her in any way possible.

As danger—both demonic and human—closes in on them from every side, Kel and Farran must learn to trust each other as they battle the monsters that are determined to keep them apart.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00