Dead of Winter

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Dead of Winter

Allysen Cole sees dead people and though she has learned to deal with it, she doesn’t have to like it. She doesn’t want it to be public knowledge either. It’s hard enough living in a small town and being a single mom, well a not quite single mom. Her dead husband is one of the ghosts she can see and he hangs around all the time. Talk about a slightly dysfunctional family, not to mention it makes dating a little awkward with your dead husband watching you make out with the new guy.
A local doctor outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, where Allysen lives, seems to be having some ghostly troubles. Allysen’s friend Harry knows about her talents since she helped him out awhile back and now he does a bit of ghost hunting on his own. He learned about the doctor’s problems and now Allysen and Harry are trying to help but whatever is in the good doctor’s house may be just too much for them to handle.
Allysen and the doctor keep dreaming about a red haired woman who needs their help but whatever is in the house is much worse than the ghost of a woman wrongly killed. Trying to help get rid of the ghost poor Allysen gets hurt and ends up hobbling around on crutches brain dulled by pain medicine half the time, which doesn’t help her think clearly at all because she keeps doing some dumb things. And Harry, well, he’s not quite himself and Allysen just can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that she can’t trust him.
Allysen isn’t sure who to trust as the ghost, or whatever it is, keeps getting stronger and seems to be after her. As if Allysen doesn’t have her hands full with life she has to worry about her son, worry about losing the ghost of her husband because he can’t stand to see her date and worry about whether or not she can handle dating while chasing ghosts and having the spirit of her dead husband hanging around.
Ms Harris has written an interesting paranormal tale with quite a few twists and turns but it left a few things unanswered. It didn’t say this was a series or that there would be more books about Allysen though it did leave it all open for possibilities. I just wonder how things will turn out. There were questions raised about her son, about her husband, and there were quite a few references to her past that were never fully explained. I don’t like loose ends unless I know they’ll be tied up in the future.
Dead of Winter was an enjoyable and quick read that left me a little spooked while reading it late at night. Unless you like being spooked don’t read it when you’re alone, you’ll be seeing things in the shadows.

Book Blurb for Dead of Winter

Allysen Coles sees dead people.

When a young woman reaches out from beyond the grave, Allysen answers her pleas to solve a decades old murder.

Vivid dreams about the girl draw her closer to the truth, but also reveal her own life may be in danger.

As she does more research, ghostly activity around her continues to escalate. Allysen soon learns people and things in Fairbanks are not what they seem.

Will she put the pieces of the puzzle together in time?

And-can she even trust her own friends to help her?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.75