Casual Hex

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Casual Hex

In the third sexy hex book, flower shop owner Gwen Dubois is about to go from plain Jane to sex kitten extraordinaire. Stranger things have happened in Big Knob, Indiana. You just never know what happen when the resident match making couple, who happen to be a witch and wizard, decide to get soul mates together.
Dorcas and Ambrose, resident witch and wizard, love to help soul mates get together. It is their life’s work. So far they have made two successful matches (the first two books in the hex series) in the small town of Bog Knob, Indiana. This time they are out to match up Gwen Dubois with Jean-Marc Chevalier. Problem? Marc Chevalier lives in France. So Dorcas and Ambrose had to create a reason for Marc to come to the US in the form of exotic plants growing in the snow in the forest. They show them to Gwen and Gwen locates Marc online with the help of Ambrose, of course. Soon the two are emailing each other and have agreed to meet. Everything is looking good for match up number three in Big Knob.
Meanwhile no one knows fairy Prince Leo of Atwood has been given a mission by his mother. If he does not succeed he will not inherit the throne. His mission? Make Gwen more confident. How does he decide to do that? In his own perverse and selfish way. Too bad he falls for her along the way.
Now Gwen who once had no suitors has two men lusting after her and willing to fight for her. So who’s going to win Gwen, her soul mate from France or the gorgeous fairy prince?
Casual Hex is a sexy romp through the small town of Big Knob, Indiana where nothing is as it seems. The paranormal elements in this book are both comical and believable and they blend seamlessly into the plight of everyday life.
I love Dorcas and Ambrose and can so relate to their relationship. I also love the way they match up geeks with hotties. Who would have thought two people so opposite would end up together? I love it.
Casual Hex is the third book in the series with hopefully more to come. Every book gets hotter and sexier than the last. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the residents of Big Knob.

Book Blurb for Casual Hex

Gwen Dubois lives in Indiana, but her heart is in France with Marc Chevalier. Now he’s come to Big Knob to show Gwen the real meaning of amour and coax her back to Paris. But stiff competition is coming from another part of the world—if not exactly this world. Prince Leo of the Atwood fairy kingdom has his own plans for Gwen.

As Marc and Leo battle for Gwen’s affections, Big Knob’s resident matchmaking witch and wizard move in to help true love triumph in the best way they know how: with a little magic. But when the rivalry puts Gwen in danger, the men in her life are asked to prove their love in ways no one could have imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.25