Before I Wake

The Nightmare Chronicles Book 1

Kathryn Smith is known for her Regency romances and Vampire novels but now she is delving into the world of dreams.

In Before I Wake, psychologist Dawn Riley is a Nightmare. Seriously, she's half human, half Nightmare. She's the daughter of Morpheus the God of Dreams and her human mother. She's not supposed to exist. She's the only one of her kind and some of the other Dreamkin (those beings that live in The Dreaming with her father) don't like the fact that she lives and can do things no one else can.

Dawn has ignored her father's world for years. She pulled away from him and her mother because she wants to live a normal life. Currently Dawn works as a therapist and she studies peoples' dreams (big surprise she chose that area to specialize in) in New York. Noah is one of her patients that signed up for her dream study.

Dawn is attracted to Noah but stayed away, doctor/patient ethics and all. One night Dawn starts having bad dreams, dreams too real to ignore and Noah comes to her claiming the same. Plus he seems to know more about her than he should.

The Dreaming has pushed Noah and Dawn together and they have to fight to stay alive and learn to trust and help each other, and let each other be helped. None of this is easy for either one of them.

Kathryn Smith has created an amazing world based a bit on Greek mythology combined with her own vivid imagination. In her world Nightmares are good things and dreams are real. Love is something that you should always fight for.

Kathryn Smith has done an excellent job at creating a series that is romantic, suspenseful, peppered with the paranormal but still believable. I love Dawn, she's your average woman who thinks she's not beautiful because she's not a blond toothpick but learns eventually that she is gorgeous. Noah is your classic bad boy, dark and brooding artist type wrapped up with a good boy hero complex. Lovely combo for a slightly alpha male with emotional baggage.

This was book one in The Nightmare Chronicles. I can't wait to read more. And now that I've learned a bit about the author I think I'm going to check out her vampire series as well.

Special Notes: This book is a keeper, I loved it. Old fashioned romance without over the top sex scenes, just a few that was slightly glossy but not completely ignored.

Book Blurb for Before I Wake

Dawn Riley is a Nightmare – literally. The daughter of Morpheus, God of Dreams and a mortal woman, Dawn is able to walk in both worlds, an ability that people on both sides want to use – or destroy – her for.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.25