Dragonfyre is a well crafted paranormal book that will surely become a favorite among Donna Grant's fans, both old and new. I have always found dragons to be wonderfully entertaining and mysterious beings and the author did not disappoint. The plot had a good pace as well plenty of action for male booklovers. The romantic tension between the characters Aimery and Kyndra was so strong which may have been my favorite part of this book.

When Aimery, commander of the Fae army and Kyndra, priestess to the Dragon Order are forced to work together to defeat a common enemy they get far more than they bargained for. Kyndra is forced to make a difficult decision when Aimery's life is at stake. Will she follow her heart or choose to stay with the dragons she has sworn her life to?

Book Blurb for Dragonfyre

As Commander of the Fae army, Aimery is used to tracking evil and putting an end to it. When one of the rare and treasured blue dragons is killed and an egg stolen, Aimery is ordered to find the murderer. He never expects it to be one of his closest friends...

Kyndra is a priestess of the Dragon Order sworn to protect all dragons in the Realm of the Fae. She is sent by the high priestess to accompany Aimery and return the killer for execution. Aimery is instantly drawn to the sword-wielding priestess, but he knows he cannot have Kyndra. Her life is sworn to the dragons, to be touched by no man. Neither expects to find desire and unyielding passion in the other. Yet when they track the killer to another realm, Aimery's life is at stake and Kyndra gives herself to him and the love she cannot deny in order to save him...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50