Run Among Thorns

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Run Among Thorns

Jenny Waring is in Ameica on an exchange programme with the National Park. When three men take Jenny and her co-workers hostage, she does something exsceptional to save them. Now everyone wants to know how she did it, but the only problem is she does't know herself. Kier McAllister has been brought in to break Jenny and get the truth out of her. In order to do this, he takes her away to a place where she will have to be dependent upon him. But what starts out as just another job for Kier turns into something else. Now not only must he protect her from the people he works for but also from himself.

Ms Lucia weaves a very suspenseful tale with just the correct amount of romance thrown in. I could not put this book down and finished it in one day. This is a definite keeper. The action is fast paced and the attraction between these two characters is touching. Check out her next book, Dangerous Lies, due out in June of 2009 at her website.

Book Blurb for Run Among Thorns

A man does not run among thorns for no reason.

Either he is chasing a snake, or a snake is chasing him.

How can you trust your heart, when it calls your enemy, "lover"?

In a crisis moment of her life, Jenny Waring did something exceptional.

Now the authorities want to know how and why she killed three armed men.

Kier McAllister's job is to break Jenny Waring. He's asking a lot of questions, and he isn't asking nicely. But it's his job to find out why she could take out the bad guys like a seasoned agent.

McAllister's thinks he's in control. The balance of power is shifting, however. It isn't his job to care about how he achieves his goal. Yet Jenny's accusing eyes are starting to hold for him, and that isn't good at all. Not when the people he works for aren't about to leave her alone.

She started out being his job. Will she wind up being his redemption?

Available June 2008 from Medallion Press

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50