Kiss of Darkness

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Kiss of Darkness

Six years ago Emerald left England in the dead of night with her daughter, after seeing a vision of their deaths at the hands of her husband.  Now after another vision Emerald is living in Twilight Tennessee.  There is a battle going on between good and evil and a battle will be fought in Twilight.  It's down to a group of shadowmen, their human mates, and their friends.  Sam Sheridan is the sheriff of Twilight and also in love with Emerald even though he does not believe in her "woo-woo" stuff.  Now Sam and Emerald are not only in a fight to save the town but also to save Sam's soul.   During a rescue mission a vampire bit Sam.  Now he is fighting the growing darkness that is trying to take over his soul.  Sam is fighting it, but the longer he is around Emerald, the more her blood calls to him.  Emerald has angle blood running though her veins, and that is something the vampires want very much.  With the battle coming down to the wire, Sam and Emerald cannot keep their feelings about each other under control.  If they can live though the upcoming battle can Emerald save Sam's soul from the darkness?

This it the third book in Ms. St. Giles Shadowmen series.  In my opinion this series is one of the best.  It is definite a keeper.  The struggle between good and evil is told in a way that holds your attention.  I, for one, cannot wait for the next installment of this entertaining series.  You must read this series.  It is great. 

Book Blurb for Kiss of Darkness

A vampire bite has Sheriff Sam Sheridan on the fast track to hell and demons are taking over Twilight Tennessee. He's battling not only to save both his soul and his town, but also his love for one woman, Emerald Linton. Emerald has a secret that could destroy both her and Sam. She is an angel, and if she can't save Sam from turning evil, then she'll have to kill him, no matter how much of her heart belongs to him. Sam is determined to take as many demons and vampires down with him as he can and to protect Emerald, but as the seductive dark power in him grows will he condemn Emerald to share his doomed fate, or will they both find a way out of hell.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00