Fair Game

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Fair Game

The Guardian Series, #3

This is Ms. Keating’s third installment in her Guardian series. This is a very well penned story and each book takes off from when the last one left off. The relationship between River and Hawk took time to grow, which made it more real. The supporting characters each have their own story that is told as well. This is a series that I can't wait to get the next installment of.

River Weston is a video game designer and has just found out she is half Guardian and half Fae. River's world is in danger; the virus that almost wiped out the people is back. But this time it is worse. River using her Fae magic has devolved a new computer program that will protect people during battle called Hollow Man. It seems that the virus has managed to mutate with a computer virus and it has infected Rivers' Hollow Man program. Guardian Chase Hawkins, Hawk, is also back on his home planet and getting a team ready to go the River. His job is to make sure River does not unknowingly follow a dark path and to strip her world of all technology.

When Hawk and his team arrive on Earth they find chaos. Hawk believes it is too late to save Earth but River believes it can still be saved. Will they be able to save not only the Earth but also their relationship?

Book Blurb for Fair Game

Video-game designer River Weston has seen her world torn apart. The streets of Earth have filled with looting, sickness, and fighting, but River knows that she is in a unique position to help. Drawing on her Fae magic, she creates a computer-generated program called Hollow Man, designed to protect humans during battle. Worlds away, Guardian Chase Hawkins has finally returned to his own body after years of astral projection. His mission now that he's back: retrieve River, who is walking a dark path without even knowing it, and strip her world of the technology that has brought it to ruin. Hawk and his team arrive on Earth only to discover that River's new computer program endangers the world all on its own. An old human virus has resurrected and mutated with a computer virus inside of Hollow Man, and it's spreading uncontrollably. Hawk is convinced it's too late to save Earth...but River isn't ready to give up hope yet. River and Hawk find themselves on opposing sides, yet drawn together stronger than ever before. But a future with both of them in it could mean walking paths darker than either of them could ever have imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50