A Seduction at Christmas

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A Seduction at Christmas

Scandals and Seductions, Book 1

Fiona Lachlan stayed in London when her brother and sister-in-law left for a new life in America.  Fiona once lived a life of ease in Scotland before her father’s death.  Now on her own and out of work, she takes her friends place doing a favor for someone.  Now she finds herself on the run for her life from unknown men.  The only hope she has of staying alive is to turn to the Duke of Holburn. 
When Dominic Lynsted, Duke of Holburn, was twenty-one he lost his family signet ring while on his grand tour.  Ever since then he has tried to find it and also to prove himself.  Now there are stranger men after Nick and Fiona, trying to kill them. Neither one of know for sure why these men are after them or who hired time.  When Nick takes Fiona to his home in order to protect her, he never dreamed he would find himself falling for her - Or her for him.  The question is can they survive while trying to find out who wants them dead and why?

This is book ONE in Ms Maxwell's Scandals and Seductions series.  This was an entertaining tale of two people who are lost but then find each other.  The way she blends the romance with the suspense is seamless.  This is a great read. 

Book Blurb for A Seduction at Christmas

She never expected it would come to this

Desperation and an empty stomach forced Fiona Lachlan to agree to a plan that ended up luring the wickedly notorious Duke of Holburn into trouble. Everything went terribly wrong, and now she has found herself posing as his ward! And while she swore nothing could make her desire a scoundrel, even if he was a duke, she is now drawing ever closer to the one man she cannot have . . .

"Beware of innocence!"

The Duke of Holburn had spent years heeding this warning, and in doing so, managed to avoid the virginal young ladies who had been put in his path. But now his wild ways have gotten him into real danger. There are killers at the door and a temptingly beautiful woman in his arms. He is about to find himself seduced . . . and he isn't quite sure he wants to resist this time.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00