Getting Back To Delaney

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Getting Back To Delaney

Delaney McKenzie dumps her boyfriend after finding him having sex with another woman. Furious she tells him they are through and to get his stuff out of her gallery. Then she moves into a new house and instantly makes friends with the three old women who live next door. things finally start going right for her except for the surfer who keeps showing up and flirting with her. She’s attracted to him, but she doesn’t trust herself since she’s made such bad choices when it came to men in the past.
From the minute Tyler Szymanski walked into Delaney’s art gallery there was something about her that drew him in. even though he was helping his brother to open a gallery right down the street from her he still wanted to get to know her. But it seemed that for every few inches he gained she pushed him a few feet back. Then his famous family gets drawn into things with them and he fears he’s lost any chance with her he might have had.
These characters not only had to learn to trust in each other, but themselves as well. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a traditional romance with a heroine whose strength shines through. All in all a good solid read.

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Delaney McKenzie’s in a tailspin. With another failed relationship, a gallery nearing insolvency and a father urging her to abandon art for accounting, Delaney is tired of living her life for others. It’s time to finally figure out what she wants—in business, life and love.
Tyler Szymanski thought Delaney was as sterile as her gallery, until he glimpses the warm woman beneath the façade. He’s anxious to see more, but when he helps his brother Stirling open a successful gallery near Delaney’s, it’s clear she sees him as the enemy. With the help of his brother, he stages an “accident” that brings Stirling’s rich clients to Delaney’s door—and Tyler into her life.
But when the truth comes out, both Delaney and Tyler are hurt by accusations of mutual betrayal. It will take Delaney’s three little old neighbors—and one rambunctious puppy—to help these headstrong lovers learn that trust isn’t a one-way street.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.00