Betting On Love

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Betting On Love

Sarah Colby is ready to settle down. She wants marriage and children. So with the help of her friends she starts looking for her Prince Charming. When Lane Williams, a self-confirmed bachelor, kisses her she begins to think he just might be the one for her. Lucky for her not soon after he agrees to co-chair a charity affair with her aunt leaving them no choice but to work closely together. Noticing their attraction her aunt encourages her to do something to make him act on it.

Lane's father abandoned his family when he was just fifteen years old. Doing what he considered his duty as the eldest he took on the responsibility of being the man in charge. His mother, two sisters, and brother all depended on him, but now things had changed. No longer being needed he's switched his focus to his restaurants, but deep down he knows it's just not enough. Then he meets the young beautiful na‹ve Sarah Colby. She makes his protective instincts rise to the surface, all the while tempting him with sexy innocence. Now he's determined not to act on his attraction. He knows she could be the end of his newly acquired freedom.

Can Lane and Sarah come to a terms with their lustful attraction? Can Sarah seduce him into seeing how good they can be together? Can Lane keep his distance emotionally? More importantly can he keep his hands to himself?

All around this was a pleasant read. Scarbrough's characters were well developed and down-to-earth. The story was moderately paced with a good plot.

Book Blurb for Betting On Love

Encouraged by her girlfriends and a matchmaking aunt, Sarah sets out to catch eligible bachelor Lane Williams, a guy with an aversion to settling down.

A wealthy Bluegrass chef, Lane can’t be bothered with romance. He’s spent his youth taking care of and providing for his younger siblings. Clearly, the sexy, young woman, who wants only marriage and commitment, is trouble for Lane and his new freedom. As the two work together to pull off a Kentucky Derby party for charity, Lane finds himself susceptible to Sarah’s charms…and much, much more. How was he to know she was a virgin, especially when she seduced him?

* Reissued Title: Originally titled "A Man of Her Own".

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.75