The Wolf Within

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The Wolf Within

Alpine Woods Shifters, #3

The Wolf Within by Sondrae Bennett is a really good read if you're into the whole wolf mating stuff. But I felt that it was really short story compared to other books I've had a chance to look at. Maybe Sondrae Bennett book was meant to be short. Either way this booked packed a lot of action in the sex scenes. It even made me laugh and get giddy on some scenes that involved family especially the brothers- that went all commandos on her and her mate. This tells us that they have a good family dynamics even when they get agitated with one another. But something I would love to change would be the ending or part of it. Julia gets captured of course but to how she gets captured and gains freedom would be something I would like to change. There should have been more action in how she escapes. And Jay her captor, he seemed mysterious and I would have loved a book for him not just Julia's siblings. He seemed a bad boy on the wrong path and with his capture he would have changed in the future. But who knows maybe Bennett made us think he died when in the next series of books he comes back to redeem himself. Overall Sondrae Bennett did a good job in writing and plotting the scenes in this book. I hope everybody loves this book as much as I did and the ones to come.

Book Blurb for The Wolf Within

Will his love be enough to keep her safe?

Julie doesn’t know what to think when the man she’s had a crush on her entire life--a man she thinks is meant to be her sister's mate--starts flirting with her after she returns home from college. The harder she tries to distance herself, the harder he works to win her over. He cant’t want to mate with her...a freak born a full human among shifters. So why won’t he accept her rejection?

Brendan's waited years for Julie's return. Now that she’s finally home, there’s nothing to keep him from her...not even her three alpha wolf brothers. But he’s not the only one after Julie. Something is stalking her and Brendan's protective instincts toward her kick in, but at what cost?

When the unthinkable happens, will Julie and Brendan's love give them the strength they need to persevere?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.25