Devil at Midnight

Novel of the Upyr Series

Abused by an alcoholic father with no close friends to speak of, Grace Gladwell yearns for a different existence and some positive experiences.  Just like that, Grace’s life changes in an instant, as she’s unexpectedly killed by her dad when he falsely accuses her of being a whore.  Now Grace gets her wish, but it’s nothing like she expects or could have ever imagined.

Transfixed by a vision an angel shows Grace of a man being punished for a minor transgression by his warrior father, as he unashamedly cries over the needless loss of his dog, Grace wants to reach out and be a friend to this tormented man.  Surely, her friendship will help this fierce warrior to get over his tremendous sadness.  The angel agrees, but when Grace ends up in medieval Switzerland in 1460, actually meeting Christian Durand face to face, she’s culture shocked to say the least; to make matters worse, she’s not exactly …human, in fact, some might call her new appearance-ghostly.  This, of course, leads Christian to believe he's experiencing some type of mental breakdown as Grace tries to convince him she's actually real and not some crazy hallucination. But there are instances where she becomes like she was, setting up some of the spicy mystery to come. 

Two strangers, each with their own private pain, yet somehow destined to meet despite the centuries separating them, is the driving force of Emma Holly’s latest paranormal romance, Devil at Midnight.  Already facing the possibility of separation based on time, the two also face manipulation and wicked opposition from the powerful vampire Nim Wei who is on the hunt for the very sexy Christian. 

WOW!  Thought provoking and deeply insightful, Emma Holly has created her best work ever.  Once I picked up Devil at Midnight, I had a hard time putting it back down.  Page one roped me in with the lyrically descriptive scenery, making me feel as if I was in the story and by page 56 the tears were flowing as  I experienced the heartfelt emotion streaming from Christian and Grace.  Ms. Holly has always been a good writer, but it’s clear her text has continued to evolve to true perfection.  The steamy sensuality, the sexual combustion, playful repartee, and the promise of true love between these two is classic.  If there was such a thing as the ideal couple, these two fit.  Grace's mischievous nature and gentle spirit are wonderful, and her unexpected strength is brilliantly displayed as she works to protect Christian. Cristian is funny, strong and so intense that I wanted him for myself.  He's the perfect hero. But just like in life, conflict lurks around the corner at every turn, threatening to ruin what could be.  Nim Wei is lusty and beautiful and decidedly used to having her evil way, playing her significant role quite well.  Christian’s father is also a violent force to be reckoned with, and you’ll love hating the bad guy. Lest you forget, Grace is uh…sort of dead and from the year 1950, and Christian is a mercenary from way back in the day with a vicious vampire on her own personal mission to complicate matters. I wondered how Ms. Holly would pull it all together believably.  Add to that a host of interesting characters and a naughty side romance and you’ll be entranced.  By the way, she ties the phenomenal plot together like a well-oiled massager, hitting all the right spots.

A creatively clever tale to be savored of unforgettable love, courage and passion, Devil at Midnight deserves a Top Pick Plus!

Book Blurb for Devil at Midnight

For years, mercenary captain Christian Durand has done everything he can to protect his men from his power hungry father. When a beautiful ghost appears to offer comfort, he assumes the strain has finally pushed him over the edge. The specter claims she’s his friend from another life--a tale the cynical soldier finds difficult to believe.

Grace Gladwell has her own experience with abusive fathers. Thanks to an accident with hers, one moment she's in 1950s America, the next, she’s in 1460, Switzerland, trying to convince a Medieval soldier that she's neither a figment of his imagination or an imp from Hell.

These would be challenges enough without vampire queen Nim Wei setting her immortal sights on Christian. When she threatens to help his father destroy them all, Christian must choose between his darker urges and a love that spans centuries…


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00