Deadly Secrets

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Deadly Secrets

Craving a more dangerous and exciting relationship after the demise of her marriage, Maureen has been involved with Bruce Braddock for the past month or so. During that time, they have made plans for dominant/submissive play, eager to fulfill their deepest fantasies. When they finally act on those desires, Maureen is filled with desire that she could never have imagined. BDSM is about the ultimate trust between partners, but as Maureen submits, how much does she really know about Bruce? Can he really be trusted?
The idea of this story is a good one, and I commend Ms. Thomas on her creativity. Unfortunately, I had a hard time warming up to the many characters throughout the book. Maureen’s demeanor is not one I welcome seeing in a woman, even as a submissive. I felt as if I understood Bruce in the beginning, but as the story continued, I was confused. While I appreciated the author’s need to add more players for a full and rounded story, I’m not sure they were interesting enough. As a fan of this lifestyle, I was aroused by the strong sexual scenes and found them to be quite erotic and steamy. Because I was intrigued with the author’s image of this tale, I was quite eager to find out what happened and had to keep reading until the very end. 

Book Blurb for Deadly Secrets

Despite having to always look over her shoulder in fear of her abusive, stalker ex-husband, dance instructor Deirdre Clarke is working hard to put the past behind her and start a new life.

When she finds herself falling in love with her new landlord, Josh Tyler, Deirdre is determined not to allow her emotions to rule her head. But Josh is just as determined to break through the wall Deirdre has erected around her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.00