Demon Marked

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Demon Marked

A Demon Bound Novel, #2

Emma Quinn has a vampiric demon inside her--one that she must feed by pulling from other people's auras--and it's a balancing act. Too much, and the person dies. Just enough, and their lives are merely cut short. So she's learned to control it, feeding only from evil people who deserve a shortened lifespan--until one night she feeds from someone, passes out, and awakens to find the guy dead and her precious book of demon spells missing (not to mention her roommate). The race is on, with deceptions and bad guys galore, as Emma races first to save her own life, then the life of Andre, the mob attorney she's turned to for help, and with whom she's fallen in love.

Anna J. Evans delivers a fast, fun, suspenseful read in Demon Marked, the second in her Demon Bound series (although it stands alone just fine). This is strictly Emma and Andre's story, so the secondary characters stay in the background. Emma and Andre have a great chemistry that grows throughout the book, and Evans blends the sexuality into the storyline without it grinding the urban fantasy plotline to a halt. The touches of humor lighten the grim world in which the story takes place, and work really well in the lulls between action scenes; in the climactic scene the humor was a bit distracting, however.

My only quibble was Emma's age. Twenty is awfully young for a heroine developing a deep relationship with a thirty-something lawyer, but Evans works hard to show that her heroine isn't any normal twenty-year-old, and the world Emma and Andre live in is one in which a demon-marked girl grows up fast.

Overall, a highly entertaining paranormal romance with fascinating world building, beautiful pacing, and a hero and heroine the reader can really pull for.

Book Blurb for Demon Marked

Desire burns in the second powerful Demon Bound novel-from the author of Shadow Marked.

Emma Quinn satisfies her demonic cravings by feeding on human life force, and keeps her conscience clean by preying only upon those who deserve it. But when Emma overindulges one night, she's in trouble with her victim's gang-or she will be...if they find his body. She turns to mob lawyer Andre Conti, an arrogant womanizer-a man who doesn't believe in her powers, but who will awaken sensual cravings Emma wasn't sure she possessed...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.50