The Phoenix Agency: Lord Protector

MacKay Destiny Book 12

Kate Richards takes readers on a wonderful adventure with this quick read romance. Lord Henry Smythe is to me an even sexier version of James Bond. He is a more attractive, less chauvinistic version. I loved getting a glimpse of what his life in England was like and how he didn’t pretend to be anything other than what he was. I found his honesty refreshing, especially when it came to his belief in Amelia MacKay’s abilities. Amelia is an interesting heroine. She's an extraordinary woman who wants to be normal. But she's a woman with talents that she wants to ignore. I enjoyed her interactions on her job. Who hasn’t felt exactly as she does when confronted by an extremely unpleasant boss. I felt as if I couldn’t put this book down and in fact I didn’t. I couldn’t get enough. This story had absolutely everything without it being too much. It's packed with adventure, romance, mystery, paranormal elements and interesting characters. Plus it has a solid plot. If you like your romances with intrigue, this one is an excellent choice.

The Story: Lord Henry Smythe thought he had gotten out of the dangerous world but when he’s asked to travel to the United States to help solve a complicated case. Amelia MacKay has a special talent but she’s let it take her down a dangerous road. Can she trust the sexy Brit to protect her? Even when he doesn’t believe her?

Book Blurb for The Phoenix Agency: Lord Protector

In an effort to avoid an international incident, the Phoenix Agency employs Lord Henry Smythe to help with the case of a distant relation to the crown who's fallen in with a man whose criminal roots span both sides of the Atlantic. It should be an easy job for a man with his training and intelligence. But he hasn't yet met Amelia MacKay, a stubborn lady who when told to jump does not ask how high.

He must protect her even if he doesn’t believe her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.50