Smooth-Talking Cowboy

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Smooth-Talking Cowboy

A Gold Valley Novel

Maisy Yates delivers a sweet cowboy romance with just the right amount of heat and humour. Olivia Logan thinks she knows how to get exactly what she wants and I had to admire her for going after it but I loved watching her have to re-evaluate what it was that she wanted and needed. Luke Hollister is the guy everyone knows and likes. It was fabulous getting to see beyond the surface to see beyond his personable facade. It was a pleasure getting to see just what made each of these characters tick and how they became who they are and why they often act the way they do. I liked how real they seemed to become when they were alone together. It was as if they could shed the armour they wore around everyone else. But in shedding the armour they left themselves vulnerable and that is where the real strength of character came out to play. The cast of characters in the story is diverse and entertaining and I’m looking forward to going along for so many more adventures with these interesting people. If you enjoy a classic love story then you are going to love this one.

The Story: Laid back cowboy Luke Hollister agrees to help Olivia Logan win back her ex and the plan is simple. They will make him see just what he’s missing. Soon Luke sees exactly what Olivia has to offer and he can’t imagine ever giving her up. Can these two opposites turn make believe into their reality?

Book Blurb for Smooth-Talking Cowboy

Welcome to Gold Valley, Oregon, where a rough-and-tumble rancher and the girl next door are about to learn that opposites attract

Olivia Logan has a plan: win back her ex by making him see what he’s missing. But first she needs to find a man who’s willing to play along. With his laid-back cowboy charm and knack for getting under her skin, Luke Hollister is an unlikely hero—but he wants her help convincing her father to sell him land, which means he needs her as much as she needs him.

Luke likes his life—and his women—uncomplicated. So why does good girl Olivia heat his blood like no one else? She’s always been off-limits, but the more time they spend as Gold Valley’s hottest new “couple,” the more real it’s starting to feel. Luke was supposed to help her win back another man…not keep her in his arms. But now that he has her there, he’s not sure he’ll ever let go.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50