Rodeo Daze

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Rodeo Daze

Liberty Heights, #5

Elle Druskin once again brings the wacky adventures of the lovable residents of Liberty Heights vividly to life with this wonderful contemporary romance. I love this wacky bunch of people and I cannot wait to visit with them every time. It’s like catching up with old friends and I just can’t get enough. In this installment we get to know Dr. Jim a little better and I’m grateful that he comes with his own feisty relatives. Dixie Sue certainly gives the residents of the zany town a run or perhaps ride for their money. Renee is a sweetheart and I loved seeing the world and the neighborhood through her eyes. LouAnn and her injured houseguest are a nice addition to the story and I love Wayne and all his doggie wisdom. I’m still chuckling over BettyAnn’s root beer dependence. This is a warm-hearted book that cannot help but make you smile. I look forward to my next visit as I really just can’t get enough of these people. If this were an actual place I’d be packing and moving as soon as possible.


Paulette Stone is determined to land a big movie role so to prepare she asks Jim Kildare for help. But the B-movie actress was definitely not born in a saddle so the doctor enlists his rodeo champion grandmother to teach her while he tries to convince Renee Landis he has eyes only for her. Dixie Sue Kildare rides in to town quickly setting up a riding school complete with western giftware. And while this is happening LouAnn Freedbush is dealing with an invalid, a depressed witch and the superior psychic dog Wayne. It’s just another day in Liberty Heights.

Book Blurb for Rodeo Daze

It’s the Liberty Heights Stampede! B-grade actress Paulette Stone finally lands a great movie role. The catch? Equestrian skills required. Clueless Paulette turns to Jim Kildare for help but Paulette is hopeless. The solution? Import former rodeo champion Grandma Dixie Sue Kildare so Jim can concentrate on trying to romance Renee Landis, winner of the world’s worst first date contents.

While Renee does her best to ignore her feelings for Jim, Dixie Sue runs riot in Liberty Heights with her riding school, backyard sales and matchmaking. Then there’s the ghost haunting LouAnn Freedbush’s house complicated by sister BettyAnn’s failure at witch college and root beer addiction. What does psychic Wayne predict? Who is the ghost haunting LouAnn’s basement? Can Jim lasso Renee and win her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00