Pride and Pleasure

Eileen Gromly gives readers a romp of regency with this sweet Irish tale in Pride and Pleasure. Lady Forbes is unconventional from the very first word, and I must say that she won me over with that very same word. I loved her straightforward attitude and her maturity. It was also so endearing how she would just blurt out whatever thought was in her head. Captain Linus Staples is as charming an Irishman as you'd ever meet, and Jane is just what he needs in his life. There were a few times I wanted to shake some sense in to him but he was a near perfect hero with his faults and his strengths. This was such a swift romance that I was able to read it during my lunch break and it was a perfect distraction from my day. If you like your historical romances with a fabulous leading couple, a slight mystery, some adventure and emotions, then this story will leave you smiling long after you finish the last word. Pride and Pleasure is one to choose.

Lady Forbes is a widow who’s been doing more than an admirable job of keeping her estate running, but everyone seems to believe that she needs a man to take care of and a man to take care of the estate. Captain Linus Staples is returning home after losing his arm in battle but it doesn't prevent him from rescuing Jane when she finds herself in peril. Can these two lonely souls find happiness with one another?

Book Blurb for Pride and Pleasure

The battle of Salamanca cost him his arm and his pride. Now Captain Linus Staples returns to Ireland to face life as a cripple. He believes his injuries have forever ruined his chance of love, until a stolen kiss makes him wonder.

His mystery lady is Jane, Lady Forbes, a young widow whose talent for estate management is matched by her ability to repel unwanted suitors. She dreams of a man who can awaken her love and give her pleasure, but her only beau is her late husband’s foppish cousin Arthur.

Jane has found the man she wants, but Linus believes he has nothing to offer. No matter how much he desires Jane, discovering that she is a wealthy widow means he can’t in honor pursue her. But the abduction of Jane by the Whiteboy rebels unleashes the warrior within.

A Blush® historical romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00