Sized Perfection

Sam Crescent definitely has a way with alpha males and their women and this sexy story showcases that talent. Payton Hicks is a strong successful woman who is at the top of her career. Hunter Reynolds is a powerful man who knows what he wants and in one glance he decides he wants Payton and he'll do anything to get her. Honestly I want to be Payton when I grow up, not that I aspire to be a model but her strength and confidence is empowering. Her past has sadness and growth and she is by no means one dimensional and that's what I like about her. I'm a sucker for well written curvy women romance and when the hero has no doubts about his feelings I'm even more smitten. This story made my heart skip a beat and kept my panties damp as well while the characters and situations were smart and savvy. One particular scene had me laughing out loud so hard that I think I scared my housemates. And I'm happy to say that there were more than one of these moments. I want to see Payton's best friend get his own story as I want to know more about him. I just know that I will be rereading this story over and over again because it was such a feel good one for me. If you like romances that can turn you on and also make you laugh while warming your heart this is a must-read.

The Story: Payton Hicks is quickly becoming the it girl of plus-sized modelling and she has no time for anything but her career. But when Hunter Reynolds steps into her life he makes her an offer she just can't refuse. When they skim the line between business and pleasure will everything blow up?

Book Blurb for Plus

The moment Hunter Reynolds sees Payton Hicks’s ass, he knows he has to have her. He’s partial to a woman with a nice set of thighs and tits, and he makes it his mission to find everything about her.

Being a plus-size model, Payton is used to being ridiculed and turned away. She doesn’t mind, but when she meets Hunter, she’s surprised by how much she wants him. Still, that doesn’t matter. She’s never succumbed to a guy just because he makes her hot. But when an opportunity to model for an exclusive fashion designer comes her way, Payton can’t turn it down, even if the offer is from Hunter’s company.

He loved her ass; now he loves her mind. Payton has gotten under his skin, and the moment he takes her, there is no turning back. Hunter will not risk losing the only woman he has ever loved. As far as he is concerned, Payton is perfect. One day, she’ll be his wife, in his bed, and the mother of his child.

All he has to do is convince her it’s what she wants as well.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00