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Sam Crescent has become a must read author for me and this one lives up to my high expectations of her. While not as steamy as most of her stories there was just something so beautiful about this couple and their relationship that I was just inexplicably drawn in. Sara Leigh is possibly when of the sweetest heroines I've ever come across and while I tend to like smart ass leading ladies she ranks among my favorites. She is a genuinely nice person, she doesn't have a malicious bone in her body. She just wants to do her job, do it well and make things easy for those around her. Adam Felthouse is an absolute diva and when he falls for the lovely Sara so swiftly I admit I was worried it wouldn't end well for her. But instead of him influencing her she was the nudge in the right direction he needed. And just like that he won my heart. His understanding and gentleness was absolute and considering he was such a dink to begin with it was beautiful. I'm a sucker for the curvy girl getting her happily ever after and if you are too this is a must read.

The Story: Sara Leigh has always been the best friend and never the leading lady but now is her chance to prove that the curvy girl deserves the starring role. Adam Felthouse is an action star with a bad rep looking to broaden his career. When they are cast together everyone has their doubts and aren't subtle about them, but when the chemistry on the set moves to real life can they withstand the scrutiny?

Book Blurb for Just for the Movie

Will their romance survive when the cameras stop rolling?

Action film star Adam Feltworth’s last movie flopped big time, yet he’s offered one last chance to star in a romantic drama alongside the up-and-coming actress, Sara Leigh. Adam has never filmed sexy scenes with a full-figured woman, but he’s been warned—it’s this or retirement.

Throughout her career, Sarah has portrayed the fat, supportive best friend. With her breakout movie, Chemistry, she hopes to finally bring the pleasingly plump heroine into the mainstream spotlight. Knowing Adam’s history of preferring svelte beauties, she doesn’t want him for the part.

When Adam first holds Sarah during the screen test, a spark ignites that neither one expects. Now Adam’s problem is bigger than simply filming a hit movie to save his floundering career. He needs to prove to Sarah that she’s the only woman he desires…both on and off the screen.

This is a previously published work (Chemistry). It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.

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Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50