Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur serve up one delicious helping of paranormal romance in this must read anthology. I'll be honest and say I definitely picked this one up because one of the authors is an automatic buy for me. After reading these stories all three are now definite favorites. There are times that not all stories in an anthology are enjoyable, but trust me this isn't one of those times.

The first story had everything I love in a story. You get your humor and heat and a great little mystery. I admit I love when bad guys are good! This author blows my mind with her ability to weave together humor, action, violence and passion into a story. I just couldn't put it down.

In the second story, I took a return journey to the Feral Passions Resort. I loved catching up with some old friends and meeting some new ones. This is a sexy story surrounded by serene settings sexy shifters and serious situations. I just loved the crisscrossing story and was so happy it honestly felt as if I was visiting with good friends and family.

I can't put my finger on why, but I am a big fan of well written heroines who are attorneys and the heroine in the third and final story is definitely well written. She's smart engaging and this story is sexy with a shifter hero deserving to end out the book. Do yourself a favor and definitely pick this anthology up.

Love your heroes on the furry side? Well this book is a definite treat for you. Three fabulous shifter romances are combined to give the reader a triple helping of passion and adventure to satisfy every appetite.

Book Blurb for Hunger

Dive into Hunger, a paranormal romance anthology by New York Times bestselling author Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, and A.C. Arthur!

A brand new, never before published novella!

In The Alpha’s Mate, villains aren’t supposed to rescue damsels, and pack alphas are known to have complete control of their wolf. But when Fabian saves a certain lady from drowning, everything he knows gets tossed away and only one thing becomes clear: she’s his mate?and someone wants to kill her. Hell no. Protecting her, though, is only part of his problem. He also has to convince her she belongs to him. In her words, “Hell no.”

When she flees, little does she realize this wolf loves to chase. And when he catches the woman he wants? She’ll become the Alpha’s Mate.

Previously published in the 2-in-1 e-original Claimed by the Mate Volume 3 and in print for the first time!

In Dangerous Passions, finding a mate shouldn’t be all that difficult for a sexy werewolf on the prowl. Modern women want romance and seduction, and Feral Passions Resort has served that purpose for providing both for the men of the Trinity Alps pack. Only two are still unmated?alpha leader Traker Jakes and his lieutenant Evan Dark?but danger stalks the women they’ve chosen. Danger that threatens everyone in the pack at Feral Passions.

In Bound to the Wolf, Marena Panos is an attorney with a dark secret that follows her into the mountains and into the bed of a Phelan Sava, a lycan whose strength and shared penchant for pleasure/pain will eventually own her body and soul.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 5.00