His Personal Stripper

Curvy Women Wanted Book 7

Sam Crescent once again reveals just how sexy a story can be when an alpha male falls for a woman with curves. Rachel and Jack are my favourite couple by this author and that is saying something as I’ve never been disappointed by any of her heroes and heroines. I was practically swooning from Jack’s determination to track Rachel down, I’ve always loved the idea of a man being so infatuated with a curvy heroine that he borderline stalks her to find out who she is. It’s like that song by the police that my feminist side tells me I shouldn’t find romantic but I can’t help it. Add to that the fact Jack is in absolute lust with Rachel’s body and can’t wait for her to strip for him it just hits all the right notes for me. Rachel might not ever have considered Jack’s proposition if it wasn’t for her dire situation but seeing her struggle with her situation and then her attraction to him was highly entertaining. And I adored seeing her accept her sexiness and Jack’s attractiveness to her. This was to me a sweet and sexy read that I know I will return to over and over again because of the big smile it gave me.

The story in "His Personal Stripper": Jack knows what he wants the minute he sees Rachel and he’s a man used to getting exactly what he. Rachel is in dire straights and has no choice but to take up Jack’s offer to be his personal stripper. Now Jack has to convince her he wants more than sex but does she believe in forever?

Book Blurb for His Personal Stripper

The moment Jack sees her curvy figure and blonde hair, he knows he wants her. Everyone has a price, he just needs to find out what hers is.

Rachel is completely broke and been out of a job for a long time. She’s nearly homeless when Jack propositions her. Being one of the richest men in the world, he’s used to snapping his fingers and getting what he wants—Rachel knows what he wants. He wants sex, and all kinds of dirty things. How can she deny him? She’s broke. Being whatever Jack wants is the only option.

Jack wants everything. Her company, her body, her heart, her soul, but first, he’ll settle for her stripping for him. He loves watching a woman undress and all he wants is to see Rachel’s lush body revealed to him. But what happens when Jack makes it clear he wants more than just a stripper and a fuck? He wants forever—Rachel as his wife, and to put his baby inside her.

From stripping to sex, can it end in love?

#BBW #HEA #olderman

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 5.00