Hear No Evil

Suzanne Rossi quickly draws readers in with a quirky heroine and interesting cast of supporting characters with this fun and romantic suspense. Renee is a rare treasure as a leading lady with her ballsy attitude and crazy past she is definitely someone with great stories to share. Andy is a perfect complement to Renee’s fiery nature with his serene composure. I lost my heart to the Detective because of how he truly embraced all of her eccentricities. I thoroughly enjoyed the way jogging and exercise were woven into the storyline. As the opposite of a fitness freak I was surprised at how much inspiration and motivation Renee’s new lifestyle choices had over me. If you are looking for mirth with your mystery then this is a tale you won’t want to miss. This is not my first Suzanne Rossi book and I can honestly say it will definitely not be my last. My fingers are crossed that some of the lovable people I’ve met between these pages get their own solo adventures.

Renee Ryan has a history of overreacting and amusing the local police with her imaginative reports so it’s no surprise that when she overhears a murder-for-hire plot no one actually believes her. She decides to take matters into her own hands and that’s when Detective Andy Jackson, her childhood best-friend’s brother steps in to save her from the danger she puts herself in. Suddenly she becomes the victim and there is a surprisingly long list of suspects. Can they save a potential murder victim and their budding romance?

Book Blurb for Hear No Evil

Renee Ryan never expected to overhear a murder-for-hire plot in the park. Unfortunately, when she tries to report it, her history of bizarre behavior means the police are unimpressed. Only her best friend's brother, Detective Andy Jackson, listens but his good looks are distracting to say the least.

Andy doubts Renee overheard a murder plot. After all, with an ex-boyfriend and an angry boss hassling her, she isn't thinking straight. But when someone shoots out a window in Renee's house, Andy moves in to watch over her--and is surprised to find his protective instincts turning into desire.

When Renee uncovers the name of the murder target and insinuates herself into the woman's life, it's clear she's put herself in the killer's sights. As the danger escalates, so does the heat between Andy and Renee. Can they find happiness--and unmask the killer--before it's too late? 330 pages

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00