Farragut Square

Bette McNicholas immerses readers in a set of cold cases that heat things up in this romantic suspense. Lindsay McCallister is a wonderful character, she's so very strong and her intelligence goes without question but her big heart is what endeared her to me the most. Her determination is admirable. Watching her deal with the emotions Joey brings out in her and how he puts a kink in her well laid plans. Joseph Dragani is perfect leading man for Lindsay, his strength empowers her and he challenges her while also providing calm in the storm. Their connection is undeniable but Lindsay's devotion to her family pulls her in two directions and I perversely enjoyed watching her struggle with her emotions. The setting and the scenario weave seamlessly together to create a wonderful suspense that kept me hooked until the very end. This is an intelligent story with the perfect amount of romance and mystery. The supporting characters added to my enjoyment by revealing pieces of Lindsay and Joey's personality in ways that made me laugh and cry. I cannot wait to see what other adventures these two can get involved in. If you are looking for a solid suspense this is a great choice.

On the day Lindsay's sister disappeared Lindsay McCallister was on the road to becoming a prima ballerina but she trades in the stage for the police academy and has worked her way tirelessly to Investigator and has been assigned to the newly formed Unsolved Mystery Task Force. Sergeant Joseph Dragani is heading up the new unit and her is determined it be a success but he has doubts as to why Lindsay has been assigned. They are now on the trail of a psychopath but can Lindsay keep her secrets and still find the answers she so desperately needs.

Book Blurb for Farragut Square

Farragut Square is a small plot of real estate in the heart of Washington, D.C.?s financial district. A crime took place there eight years ago and remains unsolved. Lindsay McCallister is searching for her missing sister. She swaps her tutu for a policeman?s standard blue uniform and her ballet shoes for a 9mm Glock.

She's about to meet the one man capable of exposing her secrets and ruining her mission, Sergeant Joseph Dragani, the newly appointed head of the Unsolved Mystery Task Force.

One evening, Lindsay finds Douglas Bly, hiding in her closet. He?s an escaped murderer who not only kidnapped her sister, but also has a perverse obsession with virgins.

But Joey Dragani, the street-smart detective, has other plans for Lindsay and is not about to let this murderer strike again?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00