Alone with An Escort

Angela Claire throws readers right into the action with her fantastic romantic suspense. I didn't have a chance to catch my breath while reading this story -- what a fabulous adventure. The pace was so quick that I felt as if I were doing a workout and before I knew it the story had come to a wonderful conclusion. This was my first story by Angela Claire and I'm hoping it will not be my last because seldom have I found myself so thoroughly caught up in the adventure of the hero and heroine. Jonathan Vale is almost too good to be true but his few idiosyncrasies make sure you don't dismiss him as a typical one dimensional Alpha male. Veronica is blast, her multi-faceted personality gained my admiration from the beginning. She is not only smart, she is quick on her feet. If you want some fast-paced adventure with your romance this is definitely the read for you!

Veronica is happy with her work however it keeps her isolated from the rest of the world so when her friend arranges an escort for her birthday Veronica decides to enjoy the consequences. Agent Jonathan Vale is not happy with his assignment guarding a research scientist especially when she's in the middle of nowhere and it's freezing. However when the beautiful woman mistakes him for her escort he might change his mind. But bullets start to fly and now he must keep her safe and stop thinking about their attraction.

Book Blurb for Alone with An Escort

Agent Jonathon Vale has been dealt some lousy assignments in his time but slogging through the frozen woods to retrieve some research scientist definitely seems a waste of his time.

Veronica has two PhDs and a tepid sex life, so her best friend arranges a male escort as Veronica’s birthday present. When the hunky disgruntled agent shows up, that’s who Veronica believes he is.

A hot make-out session and some confused conversation later, Jonathon manages to make his purpose clear, thanks to a little help from some unannounced gunmen. Whatever Penthouse Forum situation Jonathon’s walked into, his only interest is getting Veronica to safety. Sort of. It’s hard to forget rolling around on her bed.

With a deep fear of flying, the last thing Veronica wants to see is his helicopter. Forced to trust him, Veronica isn’t sure where her heart will land.

A Blush® romantic suspense from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00