A Christmas Scheme

Cotillion Christmas Feasts

Indulge in this sugar free holiday treat with this traditional sweet regency romance laden with untraditional characters. Kate is different than the average heroine in the fact that she is introduced to us with a red nose and a dirty hem and yet she still shines. Her intelligence and curiosity are admirable and while at moments I felt sorry for her I never thought she wouldn't persevere. Kiran is alluring in an exotic way from first glance however it is his captivating personality that won me over. I could practically hear his soft words in my ear as I read them. I felt a kinship with the lead couple due to the fact I share their aversion to cold weather and snow. While I remember reading the story that introduced the heroine Kate as well as her precocious younger sister and new in-laws, I believe readers would still enjoy the story if they had not read it. If you love all the sweetness of the Christmas season when it comes to your historical romances than this is a must read!

While her brother's marriage brings good fortune and a higher social standing for Kate Avery and her younger sister Kate cannot help but feel out of place in this new existence. She is not the type of woman meant for leisure but she cannot think what to do with herself. However when an unexpected visitor arrives for the festive season bringing adventure and intrigue perhaps he is the answer to all of Kate's wishes and dreams.

Book Blurb for A Christmas Scheme

Sequel to A Christmas Caroline, but you don’t have to read the prequel first!

With her brother’s recent marriage to the daughter of an earl, Kate Avery is no longer needed to keep his house or look after their younger sister. She’s free. But for what? Secretly she wishes for purpose and adventure, but finding it seems unlikely. Then her brother arrives home from London just in time for Christmas…with an exotic and mysterious visitor.

A displaced Bengali lord, Kiran now serves the British Crown in a covert capacity. He’s been charged to deliver a secret message to the Earl of Withering at his country estate. He feels out of place in this very English home and is eager to leave until he meets Kate, who shares his desire for adventure.

Kate and Kiran must choose between the loyalties they have long held and the unexpected affection that blooms between them.

A Blush® Regency historical romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00