Your Saving Grace

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Your Saving Grace

Would you show up for jury duty if you knew you'd end up threatened, harassed, and endangered? Minnesota resident Hannah Paxton fulfills her judicial duty, only to find herself stalked and eventually kidnapped by a serial killer. With the gruesome details of a murder she witnessed thirty years ago still fresh in her mind, she finds herself serving as jury forewoman on another murder trial. After a guilty verdict is raised, she returns to her quiet life as a software tester, with her cats and her little farm to keep her busy. But someone disagrees with the verdict, and escalating violence brings police assistance in the form of Detective Jude Brenner.

Injured on the job a few months prior, Brenner is on light duty until his gimpy body heals. And light duty means protecting Hannah Paxton from whomever is threatening her.

"Your Saving Grace" by JL Wilson is a romantic suspense that provides only the lightest level of suspense. If you can't figure out who the villain is, turn in your junior detective badge. The big plot twist happens about half way through the e-book, making the protracted climax a real let down.

About a third of the story is taken up by a long car chase through Iowa, of all places. Hannah makes some seriously stupid decisions, not the least of which is grilling Jude about his whereabouts last night when he's trying to tell her who the bag guy is! Her three cats are the most interesting characters in the book, and are clearly based on real pets. I liked the late winter Minnesota setting, and the concept of "more mature" lead characters is fresh and interesting, but the mystery side of the story couldn't hold up over the course of the book.

Book Blurb for Your Saving Grace

Murder has found feisty Hannah Paxton twice — once as a teenaged witness and now, thirty years later, as a juror in a high profile trial. When she starts receiving vicious phone calls and is attacked on a freezing Minnesota night, it seems murder is searching for her again…for the final time. Wounded cop Jude Brenner, facing forced retirement, is assigned to protect Hannah, unaware that she's the target of two stalkers. When the stalkers' agendas intersect, Hannah is caught in the crossfire and Jude is forced to make tough decisions about his future as a cop — and his future with Hannah. Hannah's past and present collide, putting both her and Jude's lives at risk. It's up to Jude to save Hannah, with a little help from SpongeBob SquarePants. And it's up to Hannah to save Jude — from a lonely past and an uncertain future.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 2.50