Guarding the Coast

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Guarding the Coast

The passionate, virile men of the United States Coast Guard are front and center in "Guarding the Coast" by Samantha Gail. The new e-book from eXtasy Books features a cast of handsome, studly Coasties and the female officer in charge of them all.

Captain Francesca "Frankie" Moriarty is the commanding officer at a small air station on the Oregon coast and a hotshot helicopter pilot. Sexual activity is going on all around her, and she makes some ill-advised confessions while playing a game with her crew that appears to be a hybrid of strip poker and truth or dare. Her co-pilot Lieutenant Commander Gage Adams starts to see his superior officer in a new light, and hopes to teach her a thing or two about pleasure.

Several adventures ensue, including a wildfire the crew must fight, a diving accident, and a rather odd kidnapping/terrorism subplot. The supporting characters, especially Frankie's group of gossipy pals and the oversexed rescue swimmer on her crew, are particularly fun and I found myself wanting to hear more about them.

It's nice to find a book featuring the hardworking men and women of the coast guard. To enjoy this storyline; you must suspend all thoughts of professionalism, sexual harassment training, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But if we can believe stories about sexy vampires or time traveling Scottish Highlanders, we can accept romantic relationships between military officers, right? The only problem I saw in the story line is that it relies too often on the idea of a woman in a male dominated job who acts "girly" and inappropriate as soon as she falls in love.

Book Blurb for Guarding the Coast

Captain Frankie Moriarty is an ace rescue pilot – a hundred pounds of redheaded dynamite answering mayday calls along the northern Pacific coast with her elite Coast Guard helicopter crew. As the commanding officer, she has a reputation to uphold and it’s one that doesn’t include getting involved with her coworkers. Gage Adams is not your typical pretty boy. The team’s co-pilot and former pararescueman has seen battle and lived to lose sleep over it. For four years he has worked alongside Frankie, treating her with respect, viewing her as a sister... Tonight, everything between them will change forever…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.00