Can't Stand The Heat

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Gina had nothing left after her husband gambled away the deed to her family’s restaurant. When Pete left she never expected to see him again, she was forced to move on and think about her future. That is until the night of her engagement party to the man who holds her debt. With such a sorted past it is hard knowing if Gina will marry a man who doesn’t really love her or if she will let Pete back into her life.

I truly enjoyed reading this short story. It kept me interested the whole way through. Gina is a very well developed character, as was Pete. The heat behind the title of “Can’t Stand the Heat” is very well pronounced. The steamy scene in the bathroom with Pete and Gina definitely got my pulse pumping. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short novel by Lainey Bancroft and would recommend this short story to anyone!

Book Blurb for Can't Stand The Heat

Left with a mountain of debt, a father slowly slipping into senility and an Italian restaurant she no longer technically holds the deed to thanks to her passionate and passionately impulsive chef husband, Pete, Gina DiMaria has no choice but to push through a divorce and accept the marriage proposal of an older, well-connected friend of the family.

After a lengthy absence, when Pete returns and promises to set things right on the eve of her engagement party, Gina’s head knows better than to trust him, but her heart and hormones have a difficult time resisting him. Can her hot, handsome ex fix what he so carelessly fouled up? If not, Gina has no idea how everyone involved will be able to stand the heat.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50