Xian Warriors Book 1

Ayana wants to be apart of the elite Vanguard force and her psychic abilities make her a prime candidate. Unable to hold the soul of Legion, the alien male that she has coveted and dreamed about for years, she still wants to fight by his side. They both see how advanced her powerful gift is but he's the one thing she can't have. Legion is enamored by Ayana's beauty and he knows she is his soulmate and he claims her whether she can hold his soul or not. Will their differences tear them apart or can a miracle happen? A traitor among them threatens not only thousands of lives but Ayana and Legion as well.

I liked the story and I liked the main characters. Ayana is a very strong and independent character but she has a vulnerability that makes her more relatable. Legion is a fierce alien warrior who refuses to give up a mission and his mission is Ayana. His sense of humor mixed with his fierce exterior gives a balance and even though he is an alpha male, he's been written so that his character doesn't rely on an ego trip. I recommend this book. It isn't just a romance; it is a whole adventure ride.

Book Blurb for Legion

He gave her his soul, but she couldn’t hold it.

Ayana has devoted her life training to join the Vanguard, an elite intergalactic military force dedicated to fighting back the Kryptids who nearly destroyed Earth. Only the most powerful psychics are chosen. Yet while her power is unrivaled, she’s unable to perform the most crucial task of soulcatching, even when the Warrior she’s fantasized over for years freely offers her his soul.

Legion is mesmerized by the beauty of Ayana’s aura. The instant his mind touches hers, he recognizes his soulmate. Although she’s Hollow, unable to hold a Warrior’s soul, a strange spark within her could help turn the tide in this bloody war. When a traitor infiltrates their ranks, intent on destroying them from within, Legion is torn between his duty as leader of the Vanguard and the need to protect his mate.

Will he lose the woman who owns his soul before they could even start a life together?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 4.00