Underground Encounters Book 8

Lisa Carlisle knows how to create a hot, steamy, engaging story with her books and "Inflame: Underground Encounters Book 8" definitely delivers on all of that. Lucan is finally freed from his curse. No longer is he enslaved by his stone gargoyle statue form. He's ready to get out and live the life he's been denied due to the curse, and then he meets the one human being who calls to him like a Siren, Elise, the very witch who cursed him and she's got some news for the newly freed gargoyle. Apparently, he's a daddy. This book made me laugh, cry, want to take a cold shower, and laugh some more. It is a great story and I wish it had been longer.

Book Blurb for Inflame

Is the curse finally broken?

That must mean the witch is dead.

And he wouldn't have the satisfaction of destroying her himself...

Lucan, a gargoyle shifter, is finally freed from his stone statue and ready to make up for lost time - a plan that includes acting on the inexplicable pull to the mysterious blonde who waltzes into the underground club where he works.

Elise has hunted Lucan down for one purpose. No way can she allow herself to get distracted by his captivating presence and magnificent eyes.

She blurts out the news: He's a father.

He'd conceived a child with the witch who'd cursed him -- Elise's sister.

This complication means she must ignore her attraction to him. A fling with him is strictly off-limits.

But, when Elise needs his help to protect her niece and Lucan's daughter, that dangerous desire might be too difficult to resist...

INFLAME is part of the Bad Alpha Dads project and is a fiery, standalone, paranormal romance in the Underground Encounters series.

Step into Vamps and discover a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, passionate witches, and gorgeous gargoyles!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 4.50