Night Ranger's Moon

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Night Ranger's Moon

The Lykoians, Book 2

Night Rangers Moon is a sexy blend of suspense, action, romance, and Lykolans! Welyin is a hard core Night Ranger and he takes his job seriously! No room for errors and least of all a woman. I loved how smart, sexy and focused he is while trying to find his missing brother. I also loved reading about family and how they stick together. The chemistry between Welyin and Zeva is instant and powerful! She is just as much a warrior as Welyin, and tough as nails. She is everything that Welyin needs in a mate, and I feel that Ms. Nina did an excellent job of connecting two characters of such strong wills and making them the perfect mates. This story has all of the elements that make a great story and you can bet I will be watching for more on this addictive series!

The first in The Lykolans series is Blue Moon Rising, which features Weylins younger brother Nick, and his mate Rae!

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Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00