Blood on the Tartan

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Blood on the Tartan

This is a tale based on true events in the Scottish Highlands during the 19th Century concerning the land clearances and evictions that occurred to make way for sheep and sheep farmers. Catherine Ross is a widow living in the village of Greenyards, by Strath Carron with her son. She had already lived through the nightmare of one forced eviction at Glencalvie, her first home and the village the Clan Ross first occupied. Now, with the threat of losing her home and her possessions once again, Catherine Ross refuses to give up without a fight. However, she worries that she will lose the man she loves, Ian MacGregor, in the midst of this latest battle. Ian MacGregor has the misfortune of being a constable in a time where he must choose the side of the law or the people, being an honorable man; he takes his oath to protect the people seriously. Can he choose between them? Will he be forced to set aside the woman he loves for the oath he took to enforce the Queens law? All these issues come to a head when peaceful negotiations failed and a battle is taken place at the banks of the River Carron.

I was touched by the plight of the Highlanders, indeed, who would not? Being forced from the lands upon which you have built your home, whether it was in your family for generations or you just settled on it, is a bitter pill to swallow. The bloodiest battles on earth were fought over land and wealth.

Blood on the Tartan was a little difficult to get into at first as Chris Holmes had the difficult task of informing the reader of facts and figures, but the author brings the historical world of the Scottish Highlands to life. This story will bring realism to readers; while many books written of this time are a bunch of fluff this one is grounded in how things really were for a struggling people. This was a good read, and I recommend this book to anyone with a preference for historical stories with realism rather than historical chick-lit.

Book Blurb for Blood on the Tartan

A Woman Fighting a Cause...Catherine Ross rallies her neighbors to openly resist the mass evictions, which empty the glens of her people and replace them with sheep. On the Other Side of the Law...Constable Ian Macgregor, sworn to uphold the law, finds duty conflicts with love. There's only one woman for him - Catherine. However, he is torn by that love and his sense of honor. The Coming Storm...Ian must decide: to protect his beloved or to obey his orders. Will Catherine's truest love become her greatest adversary, or will they both perish in the coming conflict - the Highland Clearances?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.75