Under Cover of the Moon

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Under Cover of the Moon

Lunar Mates

With the unexpected death of his Alpha, Brant, who did not name his successor, Darius Stewart and his childhood friend, Jackson, are competing to take over that role in the pack. The looser will be banished. Because the pack desires a different style of leadership and Darius was seen as too like Brant he was banished to Alabama with a group of other werewolves. He has one year to prove himself as a true Alpha and be able to control his small pack and help the pack flourish or he could loose everything, perhaps even his life.

He walks into the local bar and finds the last thing he is ready for, his mate. She is a witch by the name of Meg O'Reilly, but her name should be the Queen of Stubbornness. With the full moon only days away Darius is through being patient, it is time to claim his mate. Meg is drawn to Darius but is afraid of the wild emotions he brings out in her and the changes acting on the emotions will bring. Now with the mauling near her home that everyone, but her thinks is a bear, the danger level continues to rise.

This novella is a must read for anyone that enjoys a shifter romance. Once you start to read Loribelle Hunt’s Lunar Mates series you will be hooked. Do not cry when the story ends, because there are others in the series available to hold you over for a while until another is drawn from the creative mind of Ms. Hunt. I have another shifter series to follow and could not be happier.

Thank you to Night Owl Reviews and the publishers for the privilege of reading Under Cover of the Moon, Lunar Mates Book 1, in exchange for my honest review. It was such a delicious pleasure.

Book Blurb for Under Cover of the Moon

A witch. A wolf. A passion worth dying for…

In book one of the Lunar Mates series, Darius Stewart is banished and offered the leadership of a new pack. He has a new pack to settle and a rogue wolf terrorizing the local population, threatening to expose their species. The last thing he needs is a mate further complicating his life.

That’s just fine with Meg O’Reilly. As a witch, she knows something is not right in her town. Good werewolves, bad werewolves, and the possessive, bossy, sexy Alpha wolf trying to order her around. Life’s never been so complicated.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50