Brock's Bunny

Chestnut Rock Shifters, #3

Hollie Dawson, a rabbit-were mentioned in Christina's Bear, is a vegetarian on a date with an obnoxious, self-absorbed Neanderthal. Can you tell I could not stand this character? The reason being that he mainly reminds me of a few of my biggest dating mistakes from my younger days. She is trying to decide why she hasn't left the idiot and walked home. Then the answer comes into the dining area, Brock Smith, the owner of the restaurant and her ... mate. After Brock's laughing remark degrading her suggestion he should have vegetarian dishes offered on the menu Hollie rises from her chair and leaves telling her date to never contact her again. Brock regrets his actions and sets out to find the beautiful blond with the violet eyes. He needs to get to know her better.

Hollie and Brock have a long road to haul because Hollie has to find a way to tell Brock about her secret and Brock has to find a way to make Hollie believe he is sorry for hurting her feelings. There is also a threat on the horizon that could expose all the shifters in Chestnut Rock. This is a very short novella that I wish had been a bit longer…so it did not feel so rushed. I did enjoy this offering by Jane Wakely, but not as much as the first two in the series. If you like stories on shifter this is not a bad one, but I did feel it needed a few more pages to explain the history of the shifters better and the confrontation scene more. The best part of the story is you get to catch up with Matt, Bull and their mates. I wonder what Ms. Wakely will offer next? It should be interesting. Although this could be read as a standalone book the series as a whole is much better.

Book Blurb for Brock's Bunny

Vegetarian Hollie Dawson owns the only health food store in Chestnut Rock. She’s also a rabbit shifter, but unlike the gray and black jackrabbits that can camouflage themselves easily, Hollie is a pure white bunny. As a shifter, her ultimate dream is to meet the man destined to fill the lonely space in her heart.

Brock Smith owns the most popular steak house in town. When the woman with the platinum hair and violet eyes questions his menu, he’s caught off guard and makes a bad first impression. Unable to explain why their meeting bothers him so much, he’s driven to find her and change all that.

Brock and Hollie acknowledge their intense desire to be together and make future plans, but Hollie hasn’t shared her secret yet. When Brock finds out about her bunny by accident, will his reaction destroy their newfound happiness?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 3.50