Witch Island

Roxanne Gerik will do anything she can to avoid bankruptcy. Her best friend thinks she is crazy for accepting a 5-digit check but she needs it badly. All she has to do is teach an old man how to use the computer and get on the information highway. What she didn't expect was a tall gorgeous guy like Aidan Nevan. She was expecting old not a virile young guy making her forget about why she really is on the island for. Nobody knows why it is called Witch Island just that the man that resides there needs her help. She knows it is unethical but somehow Aidan has come to mean something of her. There are strange things happening besides a t-storm appearing out of nowhere and someone or something doesn't want him to get on the Internet. Can Roxanne find out exactly what is happening on this island?

Aidan Nevan is cursed. Cursed to the island and cursed to hell for bringing a beautiful woman like Roxanne into his hell of a life. Something about her innocence and beauty beckons him to keep her close to him. Yet he knows he must let her go. Years ago he was immune to love but somehow the passage of time has made him wish for the impossible. Can this be the year he is set free? Will the evil one realize that he cannot be brought down? Love, he knows exists but knows that if there is a feeling such as that he would welcome it right away. Can he convince Roxanne that he is tortured soul beyond saving?

Oh I just love a good romance especially when it involves evil and witchery. There is definitely an evil presence in Witch Island and the way the author created this was awesome. Right away Aidan is not what he seems to be. Yes, he is handsome and smart but something about him makes Roxanne kind of antsy. She knows he will be a good lover but she wants more than stolen kisses. Though this book could have used a bit more romance in this book and some more sex it is a great story line. It has it all betrayal, greed and of course a man's determination to find some peace in his life. This was a great book and one that will keep your attention until the end. You will want to know what exactly is happening on Witch Island.

Book Blurb for Witch Island

Roxanne Gerik's business is facing bankruptcy when a reclusive millionaire throws her a lifeline — one hundred thousand dollars for private computer tutoring. It's only after signing the contract that she discovers the lessons will take place on Mr. Nevan's private island.

The journey across the water is perilous. Once on shore, the storm that chased Roxanne to the island breaks, knocking out phones, electricity and the dock, promptly stranding her. But the biggest surprise is her host — who's not the stuffy old man she expected. Aidan Nevan appears to be young, handsome and charming, and despite the apprehension shadowing her, Roxanne finds herself drawn to the mysterious man.

But Aidan is hiding sinister secrets. The staff whispers in hushed tones, strange creatures wander the woods of the island and the very trees seem intent on harming her. As the unnatural storm grows worse, Roxanne begins to wonder if any of them will get off the island alive.

Publisher Note: Witch Island was previously released by another publisher in 2003.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00