Where Her Heart Is

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Where Her Heart Is

A Ladies of Legend novel...

Betsy McClain is house-sitting with her daughter and looking for peace. It has been a couple of months since she divorced her husband Mike. They married young and had kids early but she never expected for their lives to change dramatically. She always thought they had a great marriage but he never wanted to do things. Seeing him again not only shocked her but she is seeing a different side of him. She knows her little girl needs her daddy but she is still in pain of the breakup months ago. LizBeth loves her daddy and Betsy knows in some weird way she still loves Mike. Can she just forget the pain and lack of communication from Mike and start anew?

Mike McClain knows he was a bad husband and father. He has always loved his Betsy and thought they would have years of being together before kids. Yet when LizBeth was born he got scared. He knows it is cowardly to just leave Betsy but he was young and confused. Now that he has a chance to get his family back he’s determined to prove to her he’s changed. He’s got a good job now and wants more than ever to be with his little girl. Can he make Betsy see that they belong together?

Melinda Scott has done it again in a beautiful tale of second chances. I loved that Betsey and Mike are great with each other and little LizBeth is wonderful in this book. Together these two are fighting, making up and the little tea party is the extra sweet aspect. Mike is definitely ready to be a father again but it takes two to make a relationship strong and stable enough grow. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Where Her Heart Is

CATEGORY: Contemporary Romance, Ladies of Legend Series.
ELEMENTS: Mild adult content.
LENGTH: Category novel
Two years ago, Betsy McClain gave up on her husband and her hometown. She packed up her baby daughter and moved to the City. Now she's temporarily back in Legend, Tennessee. But when Betsy agreed to this house-sitting job, she didn't know her favorite room was being renovated, or that her handsome almost-ex-husband was the carpenter.
After his wife and baby left him, Mike McClain was forced to grow up. Now he considers himself Mr. Responsibility. LizBeth Ann soon falls in love with her big handsome daddy, who takes her for picnics and is her "date" for little girl tea parties. But though Betsy, with her big blue eyes and cascades of golden blonde hair, looks like an angel, she seems

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00