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It has been years since Jackson Hope has seen Riley Stone. In high school she was every guys wet dream come true and now that they are grown she is still every guys wet dream especially his. Hope, Texas is Jackson's home and his grand pappy's treasure. It disgusts him now to even think about his father who wants to tear down a historical monument in his hometown, Dolly Dugan's dance hall. It was the only place that he felt at home and when it closes it will wreak havoc, especially to Riley Stone's heart.

The dance hall is not just any normal hall for it's magical. Two people years ago shared a romance that none has ever seen since they passed away. It was a love that one man had to leave because of duty. A woman who never asked for anything except to have her love returned from him. Can this love of years past repeat itself and make it right this time?

Riley Stone has always loved Jackson Hope but never knew why he distanced himself all those years ago. She left to make it big and with a voice of supreme talent she would have made it big. But just like Dolly Dugan, Hope, Texas beckoned to her. Hope was a place where she felt peace and where Jackson was raised. She knew in her heart she can never forget about Jackson. One thing she knows for sure is that she cannot let history repeat itself like Dolly and her lover. Jackson might mean everything to her but Riley cannot let him throw his dreams away. Can she make Jackson see that Hope, Texas needs the dance hall for the magic it has inside it and see that the couple's romance of years past reunited?

Sometimes it is said that when you believe in something really hard the impossible can really happen for real. This is the story of Riley Stone, a feisty, free-spirited woman who never forgot about the one person who took care of her as a mother, mentor, friend Dolly Dugan. Dolly to everybody in Hope, Texas was a like a woman of wisdom. Riley knows that if Jackson's evil, controlling congressman of a father tears down Dolly's dance hall everybody in Hope, Texas would fall apart. This hall is what brought the town to live with its bawdy, country and jazz music everybody felt at home in this hall.

Seeing Jackson brought back all the old feelings she had of him before. As a grown up she knows that things in Hope are not all that they seem. There are secrets, lies, betrayal and most of Riley knows that Jackson and his family will never be the same.

Julie Ortolon sure knows how to tease her readers with such a great story. You have great music; yes even though they are words in a book you can hear the music, a lawyer that needs fun so much in his life and a woman who knows true love when it is in front of her.

Special Note:

Check out Julie Ortolon's website www.ortolon.com for the great music that the readers are introduced in Unforgettable. It is by a talented singer named Barbara Calderaro. My favorite that makes you almost see Riley and Jackson's love is Them There Eyes. You can hear a sample at Julie Ortolons website and hear the voice behind the words.

Book Blurb for Unforgettable

Riley Stone kissed Hope, Texas goodbye and good riddance eleven years ago, when she headed out to conquer the music world with a head full of dreams and a heart bruised by unrequited love. Now the alluring singer is back with one mission in mind-save the old music hall before Jackson Hope can tear it down.

Long ago, Riley fell for Jackson-a skinny kid with worldly ways and a family who literally owned the town. But now the elder Hopes are letting their town fall apart. Signs of dilapidation are everywhere...except on the grown-up and strikingly sexy Jackson. As the two go toe-to-toe, Riley can't help but take notice.

Jackson is having a hard enough time trying to pull the town out of bankruptcy without battling the girl who tormented him with desire through his high school years-especially when she's even more tempting than he remembers. And now he's going to have to choose between the life he planned, and a woman he finds unforgettable.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00