The Perfect Wife

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The Perfect Wife

Reissue Feb. 2008

The Perfect Wife should be one who is obedient, not self-opinionated and most of all not want for anything. This is something that is so not Lady Sabrina. All her life she has had a secret that she must not let anyone find out about. If it does become revealed she knows that her daughter will be ashamed of her and most of all never be able to be the respected lady she has become. Though she was married she never felt that spark with her husband like she is feeling right now for the Earl of Wyldewood. Something about this man sparks a chemistry she has not felt for years. Now that there is hope of treasure being found Sabrina knows she must do everything she can to find the gold that was lost years ago before someone else. The problem is that the Earl will not let her out of his sight. How can she find the treasure when every time she wants to break free of her boring life he is there criticizing her? Is it criticism though she sees in him or is it the sexual chemistry that she knows she cannot hide anymore between them?

The Earl of Wyldewood is a man who has led a life that no one knows about just like Lady Sabrina. Lady Sabrina is everything he wants in a perfect wife. She is obedient, never loses her temper and will she will suit him in every way. Or so he thought? Following her on this most outrageous trip is far from the perfect wife he thought she was. Something about her though makes him feel alive for the first time in years. It is only because of his son that he is doing this yet the more he is with Sabrina he is starting to wonder if it is for him really. Sabrina not only brings out the adventurous side in him he thought he lost years ago but he is ready to make an honest woman of her. If only she will make things easy for him and everyone else? Is she really the respected lady everybody in the ton believes she is? Or is she hiding something else besides being the mother of his son's fianc‚e?

Okay, I have to admit this story by Victoria Alexander has always been my favorite. I read it years ago when it first came out and fell in love with it all over again. When you start reading the book you feel a sense of seeing the characters come to life. I fell in love again with Lady Sabrina for she is a woman who will not succumb to the means of marrying a man for money. No, instead she fights with everything she can and will not let any man bring her down including the devastating gorgeous Earl of Wyldewood. I loved it and can't wait for more of this talented author.

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Book Blurb for The Perfect Wife

The perfect wife should be beautiful, trusting, and absolutely agreeable—or so the Earl of Wyldewood thought. But in New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander's intriguing tale, he finds that marriage is about more than mere appearances . . . When the Earl of Wyldewood meets Sabrina Winfield, he thinks he's found the ideal match. Graceful and genteel, the elegant blonde will look simply exquisite displayed on his arm. And a lady like Sabrina will undoubtedly occupy her time with proper matters, leaving him free to pursue his own pleasures . . . But beneath Sabrina's delicate beauty lies the most infuriatingly stubborn, wildly adventurous woman the earl has ever met. She's nothing like the perfect wife he had imagined. And before long, all he can think of is quieting her biting wit (with his kisses), putting an end to her outlandish schemes (with his own carefully planned seduction), and doing everything in his power to become the perfect husband.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00