The Enchanted Inn

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The Enchanted Inn

What would you do if you got a second chance at your true love? That is something Gina is trying to figure out. A year ago on Christmas she was suppose to marry her true love. However, finding him in bed with another woman made her break it off. Since then she has been a workaholic, never having fun in her life and yes always remembering about Luke. Though she was the one who ended it she can't help but wonder what if she had let him explain. Now that she is successful she goes away only ending up getting stranded in a deserted road and finally seeing an inn in a snowstorm. Yes everything was going well for Gina except her heart has never forgotten about Luke. Can she go another year without him or will something magical happen this year?

Luke never understood why his love, Gina never let him explain about what happened the night before their wedding. Now a year later he still has not forgotten about her and has wondered many times what he would say to her. Seeing her again at the Inn was a miracle to him. She is more beautiful than ever and makes him wonder if she will be able to love him again. He knows that she had big dreams of being successful and he only wanted one thing, her love forever. It takes one night for them to see that they were always meant for each other. Gina knows that it is magic in the works but can she learn to give Luke a second chance. Wine and love is all they need yet can they make it work a second time around.

As a first time reader of Pam Champagne's books I can say it won't be the last. I loved the whole magical sense of second chances and the possibility of a miracle happening. I was heartbroken for Gina waking up in a different century wondering why the man she is falling in love with resembles her Luke yet confused about who he really is. Pam Champagne brought the 17th century to life and the love between these characters were so real it felt like they were coming to life in this book. Enchanted Inn is truly a great historical time travel romance that is definitely a keeper for this reviewer. This book makes you believe that second chances can happen if you really want them to.

Book Blurb for The Enchanted Inn

Gina is not thrilled to run into Luke, her cheating ex-fiance, at The Enchanted Inn on a snow-driven night. They agree to put aside their differences for the evening. Gina drinks a glass of the strange landlady's elderberry wine and wakes in 1778 with a man who looks like Luke, but insists his name is John. Through every hardship-from Indians to a colonial serial killer-Gina never gives up hope of returning home, and she plans to take John with her-whether he wants to go or not.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00