Shadows Through Time

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Shadows Through Time

Kelsey St. James is in need of a much needed vacation. After all she has become a workaholic since her ex-husband passed away and so far her life has become well boring. Volunteering to help scrape walls from her grandma’s house seemed okay at the time but entering in a different century was not part of the plan. Yet upon entering the old West has changed her life tremendously. She never expected to go through life in the 1800’s much less being attracted to a man like T.K. Reese. Since entering the Grants Crossing he has been by her side, helping and protecting her. She knows she shouldn’t have any feelings towards him but she can’t help the attraction.

Kelsey is still trying to come to terms that she might be stuck in Grants Crossing forever. One good thing is that she is not alone. Reese is there with her and though she denies it she has fallen in love with him. Reese is everything she wanted in a man well in the 21st century and feels this might be her last chance to find real love. She knows something troubles Reese and sees the pain in his eyes. Can he confide in Reese about her real identity? Can she confide in Reese about her fear of never going back home and about the dread of leaving him forever?

T.K. Reese has sworn to never fall in love again yet something about a certain woman in pink breeches is making him rethink his decision. Kelsey is unlike any woman he has known. Years ago he fell in love with a woman yet because of him she was murdered. Since then he has guarded his heart to never feel love again. Something about Kelsey though brings out the love in him and protectiveness. He knows something is not right about Kelsey and is determined to find out what it is. The more he’s with her though the harder it is to stay away from her. He knows that she is a stranger and he’s wanted by the law. They should never be together but he yearns to be with her. Can he convince her that they belong to one another?

Kelsey and Reese are two people who so need each other. Madeline Baker did a fantastic job in this book I cried in the end for I didn’t want it to end. These two were perfect for each other and the story line was beautiful. I fell in love with Reese from his tenderness, protectiveness to his attitude of seeing things so bright. He is perfect in every way from his ruggedness to his passion for Kelsey. His story though is sad but Kelsey is the perfect woman to heal him? This is definitely a book I highly recommended. Madeline Baker did a fabulous job in creating a time-travel romance that readers will remember.

Book Blurb for Shadows Through Time

Plus Size Novel:

Kelsey St. James is a city girl through and through, unable to understand her grandfather’s fascination with the old West. She likes Starbucks and Donna Karan and would’ve made a lousy pioneer. It’s too bad, then, that she manages to step through a portal in time that takes her back to the old West—and straight into the arms of a tall, dark stranger.
T.K. Reese is a half-breed gambler with a price on his head. The last thing he was looking for was a woman, let alone one wearing tight, bright pink breeches. But before he knows it, he’s looking after Kelsey, teaching her to play poker and rescuing her from thugs.
Somewhere along the way, they find themselves falling in love. But Kelsey doesn’t belong in Reese’s world any more than he belongs in hers. They’re forced to face the possibility that their love is nothing more than a shadow through time.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00