Seduced on the Red Carpet

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Seduced on the Red Carpet

Kimani Romance

Livia Blake has lived a life of popularity, luxury and sadly loneliness. Everybody around her sees a beautiful model and a face that graces many magazines. The problem is that she is tired of it. A much needed vacation and the upcoming marriage of her best friend is definitely what she needs right now. Going to the winery was supposed to be a time of relaxation and finding peace at last. Yet she never expected to meet a man like Hunter Chambers. He is arrogant, egotistical and yet through it all she has the hots for him. Livia knows that man like him would never want her with all his heart. The thing is that somehow his family has come to mean a lot to her including his little girl. Somehow she has come to realize that maybe all the fame and luxury is not all it was cracked up to be when she started. Can she risk her modeling career to a man who might not love her back?

The wine business and his little girl are all that matter in Hunter Chambers life right now. He loved one woman and the pain of losing her was too much for him. Now that he has closed his heart he never expects to meet a woman like Livia Blake. She is definitely sexy and beautiful. Those are all things that don't belong in his life right now. Work is all the matters right now and his little girl doesn't need to go through the heartache again. Yet even though he swore he would not fall for Livia she has somehow gotten under his skin. Can he keep his whole family from falling in love with her when she already has his heart?

This is the first I have read by Ann Christopher and it won't be the last. I fell in love with all the characters but especially with Hunter. Here is a guy who saw his wife die and now must deal with the heartache and the work of raising his little girl by himself. Then enters a beautiful woman by the name of Livia Blake. She turns his life upside down with her beauty and heart. These two were great but what made the story best for me was Ann Christopher's way of bringing a whole family into the book. The family around Hunter and Livia makes their love powerful and able to overcome anything. This is definitely a great book to read and can't wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for Seduced on the Red Carpet

Discovered at sixteen, supermodel Livia Blake has lived a life most women only dream of. But beneath the glitz and glamour is a small-town girl who yearns for babies, a permanent home--and the man to go with it. Then she meets Hunter Chambers at his family-owned Napa Valley winery. The sexy single father tempts Livia with a desire she's never known...and with a dream she was afraid wouldn't come true.

Hunter knows Livia's type...and she's not his type at all. But he can't deny the passion surging between them. But what happens once Livia jets off to her next photo shoot, taking Hunter's heart with her? Is their love strong enough to create their own private paradise, far from the glare of the spotlight?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00