Return to Me

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Return to Me

Maureen has had only one great love in her life. One man who has come to her many times and many times has left her with heartache. It is not because he cheated or anything like that but instead of death. Each time she falls for her man, Alec he ends up dead. The thing is Maureen has lived many lives and many times so has Alec. This is a story of true love surpassing anything overcoming years, deaths and one man who is determined to keep them apart forever throughout centuries. Maureen is a gifted woman who has seen the future and her past with her man. She see's more when she meets Trevor Alexander. The thing is that Trevor doesn't remember anything. This comes hard for Maureen to realize that this time that they finally have a chance at winning the evil villain she can't have her lover because he doesn't remember anything about their past lives. Talk about bad timing for Maureen. Can she get Trevor to remember about her especially their great love?

Trevor Alec Harrison is good at his job as a forensic scientist but when murdered women start appearing he is determined to find the killer especially when these women all look like Maureen. Something about her does remind him of someone but he can't put his finger on whom. What's weird is that she keeps talking about people that resemble him and pictures that look like him. He knows it is unusual for a woman like her to come up with these things but the more she talks about their past lives the harder he is forgetting to not believe. Each time she mentions about their love something ignites his attention and now he is determined to help Maureen even pretending to be someone he doesn't want to be. Maureen is a woman he could come to love but he wants her to want him not his ghostly name. Can he convince her that it is time to live in the present and not in the past?

Oh my god I loved this story so much I was rooting for Maureen all the way through the end. I'm like how can Trevor not cave and just accommodate her. Each time my heart broke when Maureen would talk about Alec hoping that maybe this time Trevor will remember. This author, Catherine Berlin, is not only talented but widely imaginative. You can see the characters come to life, the sick killer and most of all the places she takes you in Maureen's quest for Trevor to remember. My favorite scene of course is when they are in Scotland with the young Alec. Great story and can't wait for more of this author for she is definitely one to keep an eye out.

Book Blurb for Return to Me

Maureen has grown up knowing that her soul mate Alec exists — and that there is an ancient kelpie's curse preventing them from finding lasting happiness together. Through the ages, they've been brought back time and again to find each other, only to be murdered in each lifetime. She has spent this life preparing for the moment when she will finally meet her beloved again and they'll have to face their killer. Yet, this time, Maureen vows, she is not going down without a fight.

Forensic scientist Trevor Alexander Harrison does not believe in reincarnation, but he cannot deny the mind-blowing attraction he feels for Maureen, nor the sense of familiarity in her embrace. Still, he only wants her to love him for who he is — not for who she believes him to be.

In this lifetime, they will not only have to defeat their enemy, but Maureen will also have to convince Trevor that theirs is indeed a timeless love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00