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Contemporary Romance, Spiritual

Cathy Harrison’s life has never been easy. At a young age she lost her voice and hearing. Now in a life of sign language everybody treats her differently except one person, Ethan Gaylord. Working in the same police department as him she has come to know a side of him. She knows he would never treat her like the other people do as if she had a disease. One night is all it took to show her the way where her heart needed to be. Everybody says she is crazy for being with Ethan but she knows he is her soul mate. His family has given up on him but she knows he is not dead even though he is in a vegetable state. Can she convince Ethan that she will always be there for him? That even though he might never talk or walk again he is in her heart forever?
Ethan Gaylord is a proud and strong man. He is the best detective in the police department and nobody messes with him. For years he has admired Cathy Harrison for her work but also for her strength. It is not easy for a woman to work in his department. He knows she could go through anything but being his nursemaid is killing him. She is beautiful to him but he cannot handle that she sees him as an invalid. He knows the person that shot him down is still out there and Cathy is in danger. Can he be the man he used to be to be? Can he be there for Cathy? Will he ever be able to talk again and to tell Cathy how much he loves her?
Oh my god I love T.D. McKinney and this one was a great read. Not just saying that because it was a great read for there was so much in this book that far exceeded my reading expectations and needs. I loved that Cathy was not your typical heroine for even though she is deaf she shows that nothing can bring her down. Ethan is your usual man who won’t sit down or in this case stay lying down. I loved that T.D. introduced us to these characters and the book just kept my attention all the way. Great book for everybody and highly recommended from this reviewer.

Book Blurb for Prognosis

Saving Cathy’s life leaves Ethan Gaylord locked inside his own body, unable to communicate or even let the world know he’s conscious.  Abandoned by his uncaring family, only Cathy has faith he’s more than an empty shell.  Now his only hope of sanity and recovery, the deaf woman may also be the romance he’s been looking for his whole life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 5.00