Heart's Harbor

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Heart's Harbor

One word to describe Julie Davis is impulsive. All her life she has done things without a thought or care. When her ex starts stalking her she knows it is time to make a move. Going all the way to Halifax was one way and being a nanny. Though she babysat all her life being a live-in nanny was hard work. She never expected though to meet a father like Alex Sutherland. His children are adorable and love her at once. As each day goes by she is more in love with Alex. One day she feels cherished by him yet the next confused about his love towards her. She knows the death of his wife hurt him but his love is hurting her. Julie wants more than ever to be with Alex but her ex is making a nuisance in her life once again. Can she protect the children she has come to known as her own and the love of her life?
Alex Sutherland has dealt with so many things from the death of his wife, her cheating and now his children who need love. When he put the ad for a nanny he never expected Julie Davis. She is beautiful, smart, and funny and his children love her on sight. Julie in his life right now is a big distraction but knows it’s a good distraction. Having her in his life makes coming home enjoyable yet because of lies in his past he is afraid to love her. He is unsure why a young woman like her would move all the way to Halifax to care for children but knows she is running away from something or someone. Can Alex find true love this time?
Heart’s Harbor is the first I have read from Kate Watson and won’t be the last. I loved that the author included Alex’s children in this enchanting tale. The children are definitely the basis of this beautiful relationship for without them there wouldn’t have been a way for these two to meet. The love between them is special and highly recommended. Great job Kate.

Book Blurb for Heart's Harbor

It would be easy to envy Julia Davies. After all, she's smart, pretty and oh-so sexy. Kids love her. Dogs love her. Men certainly love her. But she isn't perfect. She's impulsive and stubborn and sometimes lacking in good judgment in the boyfriend department. In fact, it is the need to flee an abusive relationship that is the catalyst for her taking a job as a nanny to Alex Sutherland's kids in faraway Halifax.

Alex Sutherland comes with baggage of his own. The death of his gorgeous wife has taken a toll on his two little boys, leaving them fragile and needy. Alex is over-worked and desperate to find the perfect nanny for his kids. What he doesn't need at this point in his life is a romantic entanglement.

Take these two strong but wounded people, add cute kids, angry in-laws and a threat from the past and you've got a recipe for laughter, danger and love.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00