Gracie's Holiday Hero

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Gracie's Holiday Hero

Gracie Singleton Saylor loves Christmas. Not only is it a special holiday but it reminds her of the day her hero walked in her life, Merett Bradmoore. He is everything a hero should be. He’s smart, clever and has always been her secret crush since high school. She knows he must think of her as a lovesick puppy always hanging to his every word. Now as a grown up though she never expected to see her hero again back in her hometown. However the hero she knew is gone. This Merett doesn’t sound happy and excited about Christmas. She still remembers him and his family helping her during Christmas bearing gifts. His little girl is a delight to her and brings joy to her life but she wants the old Merett. Gracie is unsure how to deal with this Merett but knows it’s going to take hard work to bring joy into his life again.
Merett Bradmoore is back in his hometown because of family. His little girl needs a stable life and home. His father bought him the local newspaper business and seems like a great job right now. The thing is even though he is back his holiday spirit is not. Meeting Gracie again was like a breath of fresh air but reminds him of the holidays he used to have as a teenager. His mother always celebrated Christmas all the way just like Gracie is doing now. Something about her reminds him of the things he lost like marriage and true love. Being with Gracie is making him wish for a Christmas miracle but he knows they don’t exist. Or do they?
Betty Jo Schuler has done it again in this beautiful heartfelt romance. I loved that Merett was somewhat of a modern day Scrooge. He’s always working and not relaxing. His little girl knows he doesn’t like Christmas and is not sure how to celebrate the holiday. Gracie is perfect for him in every way. He has always been a hero in her eyes, making this romance beautiful in every way. Gracie and Merett are so perfect for each other and his little girl was a treat. All there of them made this a great novel.

Book Blurb for Gracie's Holiday Hero

It's the first day of December, snow is in the air, and Gracie Singleton Saylor's shopping for a Christmas tree when she runs smack into Merett Bradmoore, her high school hero. She can tell at once he's not the happy-go-lucky guy he used to be.

Fifteen years ago, Gracie's family faced a holiday without food or gifts and the handsome high school senior came to their rescue. Gracie, a freshman, fell a little in love with Merett that night and she's believed ever since that dreams do come true. Seeing that Merett, widowed with a seven-year-old daughter, has changed, Gracie is determined to return his gift of optimism. But can she return his hope without losing her own?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 5.00