Getting it Right

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Getting it Right

PJ is tired of New Year’s Resolutions. What is the point of making them and never accomplishing them? So this year she is making a no New Year Resolution and no it is not the same thing. She finally got the business she wanted on her own and she has no urgency to find Mr. Right. All her attention is going to be on her work and no men. At least she keeps telling herself that but her neighbor St. John is making her confused. One minute he acts gay but then he looks at her with a yearning that makes her all gooey inside. All her life has been centered on controlling men telling her what to do and she is not ready for another one no matter how gorgeous he is or how scintillating the kisses are. Can she survive the New Years?

For a short book Jane Kent created a hilarious and sweet one. I loved that St. John was gay yet when it came to PJ he was all-straight. It was like magic one minute he’s there then the next gone. These two were great for one was determined to rule out men from her life and the other wanted her no matter what. As an undercover cop St. John did his job perfect even making this reviewer wonder if he was gay or not. Great job Jane.

Book Blurb for Getting it Right

PJ James’ New Year's resolution is to make no resolutions, especially of the romantic kind. She's always failed at her resolutions in the past, and this year she's going to save herself from the pressure to succeed and the guilt of failure. But as the New Year approaches, she begins to wonder if she's completely jinxed herself by bucking tradition when she meets the perfect man...and he turns out to be gay. Or is he? And just exactly what else is he hiding from her?

St. John is beginning to question his failure to listen to his instincts. He should have told PJ his real reason for hanging around her small town, but his dedication to her brother along with a promise of confidentiality kept him silent. The only problem was his undercover assignment wasn’t turning out exactly as he intended.

First, the idea of being a bouncer in a gay club would have worked out well had PJ James not been so damned sexy. And second, the closer he got to her, the more he wanted to tell her the truth…that her life was in danger, and it was his job to protect her. And damn duty, ethics, and promises. He wanted her, and he usually got what he wanted.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00