Designed for Passion

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Designed for Passion

Melodye Carter is an average beautiful woman. The one problem is that she is also big. Because of her weight she feels no one else will love her again. Her ex-husband who was murdered always compared her to her svelte beautiful sister Lucia. Her mother was no help always siding with Lucia instead of her baby girl. Melodye has her two twins but she feels something is missing. She doesn't realize what it is until she sees Jim Ryman again in her home. He was the man who told her that her husband was murdered but also the one who really noticed the beauty within her. She knows it is wrong to look at him but she wonders what it will be like to be kissed by this dark chocolate and hunkalicious man. Everything about him shows he will be virile, powerful and a master in bed. She wants someone to master her in the art of passion something she was never able to learn with her husband. With Jim he brings out the woman in her that has been hidden because of snide remarks and hateful words. Can she learn to break free of her shell and be the woman Jim see's in her?

Jim Ryman is a detective lieutenant and always has looked out for the ones who need help in their life. With Melodye Carter he wants to be more than her protector. He wants to be her lover and show her the many colors of love from lust, romance and most importantly passion that she never before experienced. Jim knows she has not had it easy because of her weight. To him she is a beautiful goddess and he is trying everything he can to prove to her it is what is inside her that is making him fall in love with her more each day. Though he came back to close her husband's murder case he knows that her life is in danger with the killer still out there. Can he protect her and love her at the same time? Can he make Melodye see that his love is for real and they cannot stop the passion between them anymore?

Oh my god this is a great book and well worth reading. It brings to mind that beauty is not what shows on the outside but what we all have inside. Whether were fat, tall, blonde, perky or in this case a beautiful African American woman who has never known real love before finding it for the first time. Melodye is just like all of us wishing for the right man to show her what real love is really like. I loved Jim Ryman for even though he tried to be professional each look from Melodye brought his defenses down. These two definitely complete each other and shows that no matter how you look you are able to love no matter what. It's a great story and definitely will look for more from this talented author. Visit her website for great excerpts and for more about this book.

Book Blurb for Designed for Passion

Melodye Carter thought romantic love was out of the question for her again. Beautiful, plus-sized, dress designer and boutique shop owner for the plus-sized woman, she is blessed. She has twins and is widowed by a man who was murdered under circumstances that left her afraid for her own life. Her marriage had gone from ecstasy to savagery. Now she has sworn off love and intends to spend the rest of her life healing from her wounds, nurturing her children and building her thriving business. Then she meets a man who makes it known he wants no ties and no romantic entanglements while she soon finds herself feeling far more than she wants to feel.

Jim Ryman has devoted himself to his job as a detective lieutenant. He cannot shake the anguish of feeling that he caused the death of his pregnant wife. He feels he made a terrible husband and would have made a poor father. Now he devotes himself to his narrow world and bitterly resents it when he begins to work on Melody's late husband's cold case and finds himself deepy drawn to her and her twins. She and the charming twins grip his heart and he can't help but wonder if life could offer a second chance for him.

Then there's Lucia, Melodye's gorgeous, supermodel, superthin sister, Lucia, who with their mother never lets her forget they don't consider "plus-sized" beautiful. All her life she has lived in Lucia's shadow. Lucia who has everything and soon sets her cap for Jim. The supermodel believes in pulling out all the stops and lets Melodye know she has a fight on her hands. But Melodye finds she has a firmer backbone than she thought and for the first time in her life, she fights back.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00