Damn Good Man

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Damn Good Man

Joel Hubbard has been alone for a while now and meeting Gwen Marconi is like awaking for the first time. Since his wife died his whole attention has been on his child. His whole life is centered on her and Gwen is the first adult person he’s feeling something for. He’s always been the responsible one yet with Gwen he wants to just let go and see where it leads. The thing is all his friends think he’s crazy for falling for someone like Gwen Marconi. All he knows is that she is not the fast woman people think she is. He knows they’re good for each other but Gwen has insecurities about his feelings for her. Can Joel prove to Gwen that he is the one for her?
Gwen Marconi has been married three times and each time her heart has been broken as usual. Her friends and daughter keep telling her the right man is ought there. She knows, well hopes he exists because Joel Hubbard is sure convincing her. He seems too good to be true with his generosity, passionate kisses and honesty. For the first time she is tempted by a man who is wooing her. Confused yet hopeful about Joel she starts to dream about a life with him. Is it possible to finally get her good man?
Michelle Witvliet has created an unusual heroine in this book. You have Gwen, who has tried love three times yet failed because of the men. Now when she is close to finally get her happily ever after but something intervenes in her life. I loved that Joel just flabbergasted her in every way by his honesty, niceness and love towards her. Gwen is so funny in some way for the first time she is finding real love. This was a wonderful sequel to Damn the Man.

Book Blurb for Damn Good Man

Widower Joel Hubbard isn’t interested in his friends’ attempts to fix him up. He’s content with his quiet, structured life as a single dad until he wanders into Gwen Marconi’s real estate office and discovers everything he never knew he was missing in his life. Gwen has a knack for attracting womanizers, losers and jerks. From what she can tell, Joel isn’t any of those things. In fact, he’s everything she ever wanted in a man and it starts her thinking she’s finally found herself a keeper. Just when it looks like she’s found a place of her own in his heart, she’s forced to rethink their future together when a cruel stroke of fate brings her happiness crashing down. How can she put the man she loves through the same nightmare a second time?

(284 Pages) Rating (spicy)

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00